2020! The year that nothing happened, nobody went anywhere and we all wore track pants and t-shirts 24/7! Whilst this lifestyle might suit some people perfectly, there are those of us who love dressing in our best and having a day out to escape normality. So you can only imagine the frustration of someone who, lets say loves to play fancy dress, isn't able to go anywhere to wear their favourite pieces! Sure, lockdown was great for a wardrobe clean out and re-boot on our work/life balance approach, but not that great for retailers trying to sell occasion wear with no occasions happening!

Welcome to my inner battle...sitting in store all day looking at all of the beautiful occasion wear pieces staring back at me just waiting to be worn! I understood the situation we were all in and the lack of desire to dress anywhere near the level we used to, but there was a part of me that wanted so badly to throw on a beautiful dress and go about my day as per normal. So I did it! I grabbed my favourite dresses from the store and wore them for a day out in town...

As you can imagine, the looks (in the supermarket especially) from other shoppers were quite funny, but I was on a mission to prove a point! Covid may have rained on our parade that is the year 2020, but we can still put on a beautiful dress, feel good about ourselves and kick on as per normal! 

So here are my happy snaps around town in frocks that have been in the cupboard for too long! Here's hoping we can be out wearing them at functions, parties and weddings very soon!  #f*youcovid

George x 



Photographer: Lilly At Dawn 
Models: Georgie King & Mia Hyde 

October 07, 2020 — Georgie King