Salt Water Original Sandals



Perfect for days by the beach that turn into nights by the bar, the cult classic Salt Water Sandal will be your go-to Summer sandal for all occasions. 

- Hand stitched 

- Available in two colours 

- Water proof

- Non-slip moulded rubber sole 

- Adjustable ankle strap

- Made with specially made natural leathers 

Sizing: Salt Water sizing is unique to their brand. Don't be alarmed that the number on the sole of the shoe and box isn't your normal size. We recommend following these size breakdowns as a guide. 

'W6' is Women's AUS Size 6

W6 = Size 6/ EU 36/ 22.5cm long 
W7 = Size 7/ EU 37/ 23.5cm long 
W8 = Size 8/ EU 38/ 24cm long 
W9 = Size 9/ EU 39/ 25cm long 
W10 = Size 10/ EU 40-41/ 26cm long 
W11 = Size 11/ EU 41-42/ 26.5cm long