About Us

Arum is now very much a part of the 21st century of glorious technology and all that online jazz! But before we joined the online gig, we have been a very popular store on the Northern Rivers of NSW in a ripper little town called Casino...Google Search 'Beef Capital of Australia' and you've found our little gem of a town! Arum is currently in its 19th year of business (woohoo) and is still very much a store you can visit, browse through and spend your millions in! I have decided to share the Arum love around and try to reach more of our beautiful customers with an online presence as well as dressing all the lovely local girls who walk in the door every day! 
Now, I can't take the credit for 19 years! I have been working in store for the past 6 years under the big boss, Margie George! Arum is very much her baby! She created a shopping experience for our beautiful local ladies that came straight from the city and was full of her expertise and unquestionable glamour, style and charm! In other words...the bar has been set way high!! On the 1st of October 2019, I took over the business from Margie and am hoping to carry on the standard within Arum that everyone loves as well as connecting with more customers online. She taught me more than she realises, but mainly about making the customer feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin! So that's what I am aiming for! Arum is a store that you can walk into, or browse through online and find something for your next function or Sunday lunch that will make you feel and look fabulous! 
Why shop big when you can shop small?!?! I promise to keep you entertained and to provide you with labels, styles and trends that are up to date, popular and affordable! Arum has the best of all the big brands, under one little roof right here in Walker Street, Casino! 

Feel free to pop in and say hey or play dress ups with me in store! 
George x