Pocket Duo 'A Little Something'



These gorgeous duo combinations are a pocket sized, head to toe, pamper session! You have the choice between our ever popular Sweet Muse Exfoliating Body Mask and our glorious Pink vitamin C Facial Mask, or the scrumptious Wild Fields Exfoliating Body Mask and yummy Green Smoothie Facial Mask. Both packs are designed to detox and nourish your skin leaving you with a new found glow.

How To Use: Mix your face mask with a small amount of water until a paste is formed, apply to face, mask for 10 minutes, gently massage mask with wet hands, rinse and enjoy your new found glow! Two options for your body mask, follow the face mask steps or simply apply your dry mask to wet skin in circular motions and allow it to exfoliate and detox then rinse and ta-da, enjoy your fresh new bod!