Sunray First Nations Rug


Our Sunray First Nations Rug is the perfect combination of style and function. Crafted from 100% recycled cotton fibres, this Bohemian styled rug is authentically woven for a unique look. With two distinct patterns on each side, it is thick and durable and measures 160x200cm - generously sized to provide ample warmth for a double size bed.

Introducing the "Sunray First Nations Throw rug" painted by the beautiful Domica Hill an Aboriginal artist located on the north west coast of Tasmania in Australia.

The design of the Sunray Throw Rug is inspired by indigenous artwork and cultural motifs and is a beautiful celebration of indigenous craftsmanship and culture. The rug's colourful geometric patterns and Sunray design are reminiscent of the vibrant artwork and textiles found in many indigenous communities. 

By incorporating these traditional designs into the rug, Domica Hill has created a beautiful and meaningful piece that not only adds visual interest to any space, but also helps to preserve and celebrate indigenous art and culture. Each rug is unique and infused with the spirit of its creator, making it a truly special addition to any home or collection.

Domica Hill is a Palawa woman with connections to the Northwest coast of Tasmania. Originally a secondary school teacher, now finding her path exploring symbols and stories from past ancestors. Domica uses her knowledge and talent and extends this into her works, utilizing a contemporary, vibrant style combined with some traditional elements to tell stories, experiences and connections to the surrounding country she lives on. She believes our skin colour does not define us, but our history, family, bloodline and experiences are what create our identity. This is expressed deeply through the story work and symbolism in Domica’s pieces.

Measurements: 160cm x 200cm 

Product Info: Please note that colours are taken in bright light, please allow for colour variations.
Weight: 1.8kg
Product care: Cold & delicate wash. Hang to dry